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"I need an ambulance to Octavia restaurant, please!"

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The absence of women in history is man made.

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[motions for you to lean in close] it’s like binoculars, but for your tongue. so you can lick things from far away

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Going to the hospital didn’t work.
Nothing can save me.
I probably need a few more hours of this before I start crying, in the meantime I’ll just be here. Staring at the device. Waiting for an ad selling me happiness or complacency pills or whatever I do not know what I need this sucks.
Also I was telling all my problems to the doctor then I bailed, I started telling her that I was a liar and that I don’t suffer from anxiety or depression and that if she phoned my psychiatrist he wouldn’t recognise me like what the fuck is wrong with me I belong in a zoo of dumbasses.


The fault in our farts

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I cannot admit to anyone that I am falling apart right now

Typical mood: bill murray in ‘broken flowers’


cops SEEM tough but they all have the same attack moves (gun, nightstick) & type (Fighting) so can be easily defeated with the right combination of pokemon

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I am way too depressed for the trauma associated with boys and uni. I’m quitting. I’ll just keep riding bikes and eating burgers in the gutter with my five friends, lying in the dog park complaining.

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holy young paul f tompkins

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Anonymous asked: I just want to let you know that broad city is fabulous.


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So… by making this comparison, The Herald Sun is saying Tony Abbott is vicious, cruel, cowardly, the son of an incestuous union and likes to shoot women with crossbows…

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