Tumblr will believe anything. One time i said i was going to be in step up 2. I wasn’t in it but none of you would know that because no one watched that movie. 

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My brain is sore from life

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Under The Milky Way b/w Musk
The Church, Arista Records/USA (1988) 

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I needed to cry today. Then I cried. Now I’m going to exist…I guess. Listen to some Hannibal, rest my legs, make plans. Positive energy.

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  • Nephew: Star Wars was in Captain America's list of things to see right? Is he going to watch all six? He's going to find out that Nick Fury is a Jedi.
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Stewart Lee is pure comic gold.


The Shit Memes facebook page is really growing on me

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"I need an ambulance to Octavia restaurant, please!"

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The absence of women in history is man made.

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[motions for you to lean in close] it’s like binoculars, but for your tongue. so you can lick things from far away

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Going to the hospital didn’t work.
Nothing can save me.
I probably need a few more hours of this before I start crying, in the meantime I’ll just be here. Staring at the device. Waiting for an ad selling me happiness or complacency pills or whatever I do not know what I need this sucks.
Also I was telling all my problems to the doctor then I bailed, I started telling her that I was a liar and that I don’t suffer from anxiety or depression and that if she phoned my psychiatrist he wouldn’t recognise me like what the fuck is wrong with me I belong in a zoo of dumbasses.